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The web-based Health Plan Forecaster enables employees to do online or via phone what they cannot do on paper: calculate their healthcare expenditures over time based on personal medical and financial data.
After configuring individual risks and costs, the Health Plan Forecaster:
  • Addresses plan suitability based upon individual readiness for change
  • Demonstrates the link between lower health risks and lower health costs
  • Reveals, when used multiple times throughout the year, how health improvements directly impact wealth
  • Allows employees to change plans during open enrollment or new-hire orientation

The bWell-informedTM Health Plan Forecaster is the first and only tool on the market to combine personal future value projections with health risk assessments to help individuals truly make the connection between physical wellbeing and financial wellbeing. The forecaster features five sections:
  • In the "Learn" section, consumers can get a better understanding of consumer directed health plans, what they are, and how they differ from other plan models. An engaging, interactive Flash presentation makes the learning experience fun, while reinforcing the importance of physical health and wellness as an overall component of total wellbeing.

  • In the "Create" section, consumers get the chance to create their own personal health profile. From this, a personalized health risk assessment is generated, explaining what behaviors put them at risk, and suggesting healthier alternatives that might lower their risk.

  • In the "Explore" section, tools for empowerment are put at the consumer's fingertips. From call-center support to sophisticated interactive tools that help the consumer understand the interconnected dynamics of their health savings, retirement savings, and personal finance, the Explore section puts the consumer in the driver's seat.
  • In the "Ask Questions" section we make available, in sequence, the opportunity to access a constantly updated FAQ. The FAQ allows consumers to review anticipated questions and the responses on-line, or contact a live person through phone and/or chat and email.

  • In the "Enroll" section, consumers are allowed to take immediate action, translating their new knowledge and experience into an enrollment choice. Link to benefits enrollment transaction makes this process seamless and efficient.


For more information about the bWell Health Plan Forecaster, or to arrange a demo, please contact us today!