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Branding & Message Development

Our branding and marketing communication services help build awareness and increase adoption of healthy lifestyle choices. Specific services we offer include:
  • Strategy development. We can help you craft a brand and communication strategy to create and distribute your messages effectively and cost-efficiently. We are strong believers that messages are most listened to when they are associated with a specific brand experience.
  • Campaign development and deployment. Once your branding and strategy have been developed, we can help you design, develop, and deploy unique and effective campaigns with or without the products we produce.

Multi-Media, Multi-Channel Communications and Education Materials

We provide strategic and tactical support to develop the most effective educational campaign for consumers. Campaigns can be delivered via the web, email, or print, or by phone, Internet chat, or LiveMeeting. We measure effectiveness of the messages we deliver through:

bWell helps you measure the needle on the gauge through:

  • Market research. We can conduct market research before, during, and after your open enrollment to help you understand your unique challenges and identify opportunities
  • Metrics design and program evaluation. A strategy, brand, or campaign is only as good as its results. We can help you design meaningful metrics and track effectiveness.