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bWell-planning: Consulting & Coaching Services

bWell offers you expertise from the pioneers in the business of consumerism in healthcare and wellness. As consumers are confronted with enormous amounts of information and new decisions to make, we provide consulting and coaching services for creating teachable moments and high touch, high tech learning experiences for:
  • The benefit coverage decision
  • The care decisions
  • The lifestyle decisions

These critical decisions requiring effective learning experiences are conducted at:

  • Pre-Open Enrollment - introduce the concept of consumerism and personal risk management in coverage, care and lifestyle decisions
  • During Open Enrollment - offer personalized consumer learning experience backed up by phone contact to make personal coverage decision
  • Health Plan Member Welcome - congratulate and provide optimization tips to consumer
  • Health Plan Member Experience - reinforce how to use program and reward good behavior; address renewal for multiple year participation, ongoing
The bWell principals and partners are pioneering experts in consumerism and Health Savings Account direct-to-consumer marketing of Health Savings Accounts. We can develop and conduct highly effective educational sessions that yield positive results and increased adoption.

For more information about our consulting, coaching, and training services click here to request an in person or web cast demo.