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Mary Curran

Mary Curran

Mary Curran

Mary is an experienced consultant with a focus on wholescale work redesign, process improvement, customer service, IT custom design solutions, and management and team development. She is a native of Cleveland. She lives in Russell Township , Ohio, with her husband and three children.

Mary has served on the Board of Trustees for the Alcohol and Drug Addicted Services Agency of Cuyahoga County and is the Chair of the Finance Committee. She volunteers for the Chagrin Falls Park Community Center and enjoys running, tennis and swimming. At Ernst & Young as a Manager in the Health Care Performance Improvement practice, Mary was instrumental in providing leadership during the firm's international service innovation initiative, Audit Innovation. She also assisted outside clients in organizational change and strategic business planning. In 1995 Mary joined the Cleveland Clinic Foundation as an internal organizational consultant. She helped facilitate projects such as centralized scheduling, departmental collaboration and team development.

Beginning in 1998, she transitioned into the Heart Center at CCF, where she worked as the consultant for the collaborative effort between the Departments of Cardiothoracic Surgery and Cardiology. U.S. News and World Reports has rated the Heart Center the number on heart center in the United States for eight consecutive years.

In her current role, she has managed staff development and spearheaded "Quality + Service," the center's innovative customer service initiative for all 1200 Heart Center employees. Since 1995, Mary has also provided organizational consulting to outside clients throughout the U.S. Her clients have included the Central Intelligence Agency, the State of Iowa, the Ohio Learning Network, the Ohio Education Association, and the American Red Cross. She had also worked with several organizational consulting firms including Applied Knowledge Group, the Bullock Group and PDA.

Mary received a BS in Marketing at Miami University in 1985 and a MS in Organizational Development and Analysis (MS.ODA) at Case Western Reserve University in 1993.

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