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02 - 21 - 2006

bWell International Contributes Towards Successful Launch of Consumer Directed Health Plan for "Fortune 50" Client

NEW YORK, NY., February 21, 2006 – bWell international, inc. (www.bwell-inc.com), the leading provider of products and consulting services designed to support the identification and implementation of appropriate paths for Consumer Directed Health Plan (CDHP) design and launch, announces results from its flagship CDHP consulting engagement. The findings are based upon a recently concluded 12-month project in which bWell collaborated with the US Benefits Team of a leading technology firm during its CDHP vendor selection and implementation process.

“While the introduction of a CDHP offers considerable rewards for participating employers and employees, it comes with a steep learning curve for all audiences,” states Phil Micali, founder and CEO, bWell international, inc. (bWell). “During the design and launch of this new healthplan option, our client has been able to utilize bWell’s expertise to build out its internal processes and knowledge base.”

Through close collaboration and partnership with many groups and, utilizing bWell-planningTM services and expertise, this Fortune 50 company was able to successfully:

  • Procure a CDHP vendor through a competitive bidding process;
  • Develop company-specific branding and messaging content for its CDHP communications and education campaign;
  • Create performance standards for the evaluation of program vendors;
  • Evolve the plan design over time within the context of a rich benefit environment that is reflective of the organization’s corporate culture.

“Although Consumer Directed Healthcare is new territory for many employers and employees, it is bWell’s core area of expertise,” continues Micali. “bWell’s process and suite of solutions are designed to enable our clients to leverage our experience without sacrificing their own unique approach to the delivery of health benefits. The positive results that we have achieved further validate that bWell can truly make a significant impact for its clients.”


About the company:

bWell International brings cutting-edge products (tools and calculators) and services (consulting and coaching) to the health and wellness marketplace. With an expert team of professionals, bWell can help you make sense of the ever-evolving beliefs, values, and needs associated with personal wellbeing. bWell is proud to support Consumers for Healthcare Choices and several other organizations that encourage thoughtful consideration of the role of the individual in the delivery of healthcare services. For more information, visit www.bwell-inc.com, e-mail at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it , or call 917-523-9068.

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