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10/09/08: bWell-informed™ Health Plan Forecaster Launched for Direct to Consumer Marketplace

10 - 9 - 2008

bWell-informed™ Health Plan Forecaster Launched for Direct to Consumer Marketplace

NEW YORK, N.Y. – October 9, 2008 –
bWell-informed(TM) Health Plan Forecaster, a free health insurance comparison resource for individuals, goes live today at www.bwell-informed.com. The tool allows a user to project costs associated with his or her unique health risks and select the most appropriate health plan option based on those risks.
Based on the award-winning software application previously available only to employers, the bWell-informed(TM) Health Plan Forecaster is the first and only tool that allows individual consumers to truly make the connection between physical wellbeing and financial wellbeing. The tool includes robust education about a wide range of plan types, a built-in online Health Risk Assessment, as well as tax status and risk tolerance assessments. With the data entered in these assessments, users can explore plan suitability, examine financial scenarios associated with predicted healthcare usage, and compare health insurance options based on their projected health risks.
Once they've compared their options, users can purchase a plan directly through eHealthInsurance.com, the leading online source of health insurance for individuals, families and small businesses. More than one million policy lives have been insured nationwide through eHealthInsurance, which brings together thousands of health plans from more than 180 health insurance companies in all 50 states and the District of Columbia.
The bWell-informed Health Plan Forecaster is ideal for consumers such as college students, the self-employed or unemployed, those coming off COBRA insurance and/or retirees. And with the start of open enrollment season, the tool is also a boon for consumers who find themselves hit with additional cost sharing from their employers.
"We created bWell-informed to help Americans take control and instill confidence when buying health insurance," said bWell CEO and Founding Principal Philip Micali. "We're in a time of great change, with individuals demanding more information and more control. Finding the right health care coverage consists of balancing personal wellbeing and the family budget -- and we're proud to have created a tool that helps consumers do that."
With the bWell-informed(TM) Health Plan Forecaster, individuals and families can:
  • Prepare by learning about many commonly-available health insurance options that are available to individuals.
  • Safely share information about themselves and their family members, including information about health risks and financial factors.
  • Compare plans based on the data entered, and examine various financial scenarios associated with predicted health care usage.
  • Get answers to questions about the health plan options.
  • Get quotes for health insurance plans.
About bWell-informed (www.bwell-informed.com)
bWell-informed empowers individuals with healthcare resources and tools that help them better manage both health and medical costs. bWell-informed is the flagship product of bWell International (http://www.bwell-inc.com). Founded in 2004, bWell International is a health benefits education and consulting company. The company's interactive tools and guidance help clarify health benefits and boost employee confidence in the complex decision-making process surrounding health plan selection and health risk management.

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