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05 - 18 - 2006

Industry Leaders Team-up for Consumer Directed Healthcare Education: Www.HSAfinder.com and www.ManagingYourHR.com Feature bWell International Products and Consulting Services

JoAnn Laing, president of Information Strategies and Web site publisher and Phil Micali, founder of bWell International provide CDH education. Laing and Micali participate on MCOL's "Educating the Consumer, Health Provider on CDH," June 7, 2006.

NEW YORK/NEW JERSEY METRO – May 16, 2006 – Individuals, as well as business leaders seeking education and credible information on consumer directed healthcare (CDH) and Health Savings Accounts (HSAs), now have more robust options for accessing independent information to guide their selection and implementation processes: www.HSAfinder.com (individuals) and www.ManagingYourHR.com (businesses) will both include bWell-informedTM personalized consumer learning tools, calculators and consulting services from bWell International, Inc. (www.bWell-inc.com).

“bWell exemplifies the type of educational programs and services that individual consumers, as well as corporations, need to identify and roll-out CDH and HSA programs,” says JoAnn M. Laing, president of Information Strategies, Inc., which publishes ISI sites. “bWell reflects the independent, vendor-neutral position that distinguishes our Web and print resources.”

Phil Micali, founder and CEO of bWell, explains, “Education is vital to de-mystifying CDH and HSAs. The selection process can be daunting, given the myriad of offerings. Our role is to help people and businesses choose the venues that are most appropriate to their lifestyles and their budgets.”

Laing will act as moderator of the upcoming panel presentation: “Educating the Consumer, Health Provider on CDH,” June 7, 2006, presented by Managed Care Online. Micali is participating on the panel of industry experts.

Laing, author of The Small Business Guide to HSAs (ISBN 1-883283-44-2) and The Consumer's Guide to Health Savings Accounts (ISBN 1-883283-46-9), explains that www.HSAfinder.com provides independent, comprehensive information on HSAs, including instant online HSA health insurance quotes and comparative custodial account information, as well as other pertinent material about health savings accounts. This information enables consumers and businesses alike to easily explore, set-up, and use a health savings account to suit their healthcare needs and budget goals.

She points to www.ManagingYourHR.com as an important resource for small and medium size firms, helping senior managers to better manage their organizations' HR resources. The result is an online channel particularly useful for corporations trying to reach and influence decision makers in the small and medium size business sector.

Phil Micali has over 22 years’ experience designing, developing and operating innovative health and wellness companies, including HMOs and specialty managed care programs, both in the US and in Europe. Prior to his innovative work in developing, selling and implementing HSA models of reimbursement, Micali spent over 10 years in behavioral healthcare with the nation’s leading managed mental health companies directing network development, account management and government programs. Micali focuses upon consumer involvement and the services, tools and messages needed to convert healthcare users into healthcare consumers.

About Information Strategies, Inc.

Information Strategies, Inc. (ISI) is a media and marketing company serving small and medium businesses as a management information source, and large corporations as an advisor and marketing channel. ISI has a number of award-winning newsletters tied to targeted websites and online resources, including Healthcare and You and www.HSAfinder.com. Contact: 201.242.0600.

About bWell International, Inc.

bWell International brings cutting-edge education products (tools and calculators) and services (consulting and coaching) for promoting consumerism to individuals for employers, governments, banks and health plans marketplaces. bWell is proud to support the initiatives of the New York Business Group on Health (NYBGH) and several other organizations that encourage thoughtful consideration of the role of the individual in the delivery of healthcare services. For more information, visit www.bwell-inc.com, e-mail at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it , or call 917-523-9068.

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