Sunday, February 17th, 2019
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Managing Health Assests

Health is the most important personal asset we have. The transformation in the healthcare and wellness industries is providing us with new approaches to health asset management, similar to those seen previously with wealth asset management. Finally, we are seeing the blend of expertise in banking, insurance and health/wellness services industries. The appropriate convergence of health and wellness services with financial incentives is forging a whole new way of doing business, based on creating a highly integrated and coordinated experience to manage personal health assets.

Consumers of all income levels respond to financial incentives. Companies and other employers want healthier employees. Healthier employees mean reduced absenteeism, increased productivity and profitability, and workers with better capacity for stress-management. While consumers have the opportunity to seek many services, they often find both the health and wellness industries to be extremely complex. Consequently, health and wellness providers, insurance companies, and many others are offering personal health coaching to assist consumers with the complex web of information and services, analogous to the personal trainer's role in fitness, or a financial advisor's role in asset management. With bWell, consumers can see how their health impacts their wealth.